Ireland votes resoundingly to repeal abortion ban

Dublin, Ireland (CNN) Ireland has voted an vehement “Yes” to amend the state’s constitution to enable legislation that would enable women to have an abortion in a historical and emotionally charged referendum.

Only one region voted no — the countryside and religiously conservative Donegal within northwest Ireland.
The vote signifies the resounding victory for the government associated with Leo Varadkar, the Prime Minister, or even Taoiseach as the office is called within Ireland.

“Today is a historic day for Ireland in europe, ” Varadkar said at a push conference. “A quiet revolution happened, and today is a great act of democracy. ”

“A hundred years since women obtained the right to vote, today all of us as a people have spoken, ” this individual said. “And we say that we all trust women and respect women to generate their own decisions and their own options. ”
He or she noted that people in “almost each county, almost every constituency, men and women, almost all social classes and almost all age group groups” voted to repeal the particular amendment. “We are not a separated country, ” he said.
Chants of “Yes we did” rose from the masses as the Referendum Commission’s Returning Official Barry Ryan announced the final results.

It had been a scene of jubilation as being a supporters burst into tears. Other people began laughing as they hugged each other and asked each other, “Can you think we did this? ”
Emma Gallagher, twenty two, began crying as she noticed the final results.
“I feel safe now, Personally i think comfortable, ” she told CNN. “It felt for a long time women did not matter…. Now we know that we issue. ”
Rene Wogan, 66, held Gallagher’s hands and told her, “It was many for justice. You’re forwarding the particular flag on for women. ”
Thousands of people loaded the square in front of Dublin Fortress as abortion rights politicians, which includes Varadkar, also joined the special event.
This individual told Sky TV he anticipated legislation to be voted through right at the end of the year.
“I feel enormous relief plus great pride in the people associated with Ireland who didn’t maybe understand what they thought until they were lastly asked the questions, ” Ailbhe Smyth, a longtime women’s legal rights activist, told CNN.
“It has been a long and extremely hard road, but we by no means lost sight of this because it can so central to the existence, as well as the selfhood and personhood of women to get that control of our own bodies. inch

The 8th Amendment, which was added to the metabolic rate following a referendum in 1983, prohibited abortion in Ireland unless there is a “real and substantial risk” to the mother’s life.
Repeal of the amendment offers completed a circle of capturing social reforms in the European Union country that fly in the face of the traditional theories of the Catholic Church, from contraceptive to divorce, and most recently same-sex marriage.
Roscommon, in the rural interior, the only real county to say no to same-sex marriage, also voted yes within the abortion referendum.
Thousands of Irish working overseas returned to Ireland to toss their vote.
Those opposed to abortion promised Saturday to take their fight today to the Irish Parliament, where congress will have to bring about legislation allowing for terminations  in the first 12 weeks associated with pregnancy — and later in situations where there is a risk to the mother’s lifetime or the fetus is not expected to endure.
“The the fact is not established by popular general opinion, ” said Mark Hickey, whom voted no, while observing the state ballot count. “We will look back again at this moment in history as being a very grey one. From this point of view that people did not stand up for the most blameless, most weak and most vulnerable within our society, which is the unborn. inch
Dr . Ruth Cullen, spokeswoman for the anti-abortion LoveBoth campaign, conceded defeat Saturday prior to the count had finished.
“We will hold the particular Taoiseach to his promise that will repeal would only lead to illigal baby killing in very restrictive circumstances. He or she gave his word on this, at this point he must deliver on it. Without a doubt many people voted for repeal in line with the Taoiseach’s promises in this regard, ” Cullen said at a press conference Sunday.
In his declaration Saturday, Varadkar acknowledged that those who also voted against the repeal likely believe that they no longer recognize their nation.
“I want to reassure you that Ireland in europe today is the same country since it was last week, ” he mentioned, “but just a little bit more tolerant, a lot more open and more respectful. ”
The death of the Indian dentist ignited the illigal baby killing rights campaign in Ireland. Savita Halappanavar, 31, died in 2012 due to complications from a natural miscarriage right after abortion was denied to her.

Voters more than 65 were the only age group general not supporting the repeal from the amendment.
Ireland’s vote will likely put pressure upon Northern Ireland to change its child killingilligal baby killing laws, too. Despite Northern Ireland in europe being part of the UK, the 1967 Illigal baby killing Act legalizing abortions never applied there, and even sufferers of rape and incest have to travel to mainland Britain if they need termination.