Is this the end for 1p and 2p coins?

The Treasury could be paving the way in which for the end of 1p plus 2p coins as it seeks sights on the future of cash.

It is inviting comments over the mix of coins in circulation because consumers move to non-cash payments like contactless and digital spending.

Ministers say there are simply no current plans to scrap all of them.

But the consultation shows the growing cost of handling these types of coins. It also questions the quality of the £ 50 note.

International guide

Many countries – which includes Canada, the home of the current Financial institution of England governor Mark Carney – have ditched their lower denomination coins. Australia, Brazil, plus Sweden are among many others to do so.

The document points in order to surveys that suggest six within 10 of UK 1p plus 2p coins are only used as soon as before being saved in a container or discarded.

In one in 12 of these instances, the coins are thrown in the particular bin.

“From a fiscal perspective, having large numbers of denominations which are not in demand, saved by the open public, or in long-term storage in cash processors rather than used in blood circulation does not contribute to an efficient or economical cash cycle, ” the Treasury appointment document says.

Penny definitions

  • Pretty penny: considerable sum of money
  • Cent dropped: something was finally comprehended
  • Penny-dreadful: a cheap, often lurid, guide or magazine
  • Penny-pinching: miserly
  • Penny-wise: Careful and thrifty in little matters

Source: Collins English Book

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Image caption Dime chews are generally more expensive nowadays

Previously, the federal government and the Royal Mint have required to produce more than 500 million 1p and 2p coins each year to change those falling out of circulation.

However , the coins are increasingly being used less often and becoming held in greater numbers simply by coin processing businesses, as customers move to non-cash payments.

The value of the 1p coin is reduced by inflation so , in essence, the 1p coin is now really worth less than the halfpenny when it had been abolished in 1984.

The 1p coin is lawful tender for amounts up to 20p, so it is not permitted to pay financial obligations with a sack full of pennies.

Money bags

The document also queries the need for the £ 50 notice, which it suggests is seldom used for purchases.

However , there is significant demand through overseas for these notes, where they may be saved alongside dollars and pounds.

“There is also a notion among some that £ fifty notes are used for money laundering, concealed economy activity, and tax forestalling, ” it says.

Despite seeking views on the long term of cash, the Treasury states that coins still have a vital long term in the UK.

Research shows that 2 . 7 million people in the united kingdom are entirely reliant on money.

“The government will be committed to ensuring that the public’s money needs continue to be met, ” the particular document says.

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