ISIS, squeezed out of Iraq and Syria, now ‘regrouping’ in Libya, analysts say

As the Islamic State fear network loses territory across Iraq and Syria, analysts and professionals assert that the terrorist outfit can be increasingly capitalizing on the chaos associated with Libya, positioning the country as its stage of resurgence.

The black-clad jihadist outfit is believed to be regrouping plus recruiting in the rural regions southern of the main east-to-west coastal road and in the far-west town associated with Sabratha, which is poised just sixty miles from the Tunisian border, given that being run out of its Libyan caliphate capital of Sirte late a year ago.

Nearly all their fighting force comes from Tunisia, so Sabratha is also a growing middle, prominent terrorism analyst Robert Younger Pelton told Fox News. ISIS in Libya can regenerate rapidly.

Col. Ahmed Almesmari, spokesperson for the self-styled Libyan National Army (LNA), informed Fox News that ISIS premoere appearance in Libya at the end of 2013, could its dominance in Iraq, paid for out of Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated militias plus Al Qaeda dissidents in Libyas eastern port city of Derna close to the Egyptian border.

But over time, ISIS offers seemingly moved its operatives in the eastern Egyptian border and now seems to be clustering closer to the western Tunisian side. According to Almesmari, the fear faction has recently established camps close to 25 miles east of the city of Bani Waleed, as well as southern of Sirte.

Mohamed Ghasri, spokesperson plus senior commander of the Mistrata-based al-Bunyam al-Marsous militia, which waged weakling battles with ISIS fighters within Sirte,   stated   last week they too have observed movements with the group south of Sirte, exactly where they are trying to regroup and split through our forces lines within the south.

Joseph Fallon, Islamic Extremism professional and U. K. Defense Community forum research associate, concurred that ISIS has retreated south of Sirte to regroup and that its worldwide threat cannot be underestimated.

Here, it can endanger western interests through guerrilla combat sabotaging Libyas oil facilities plus ports and through calculated utilization of terror to unleash a bulk migration of people to destabilize nearby countries and Europe, he mentioned.

The prominent portion of Libyas oil areas and reserves are located south associated with Sirte, along with major refineries. The nation is home to Africas largest reserves, as well as its optimum quality of light primitive is highly sought. Despite its continuous political crisis, production in Libya last week climbed to around 885, 1000 barrels per day   triple the production this time a year ago   producing the region ever more important to the global essential oil equation, and ISIS’s presence generally there ever more troubling.

The terrorist army offers, in Iraq and Syria, utilized oil fields as a means to fund the barbaric reign.

While more fighters are actually expected to flow into Libya because the pressure on Iraq and Syria mounts, exactly how big the ISIS ranks in Libya are at existing, remains largely contested.


Within March, Marine Corps. Gen. Jones Waldhauser, head of the U. H militarys Africa Command, told Pentagon reporters that their  fighter numbers   had fallen below 200 through an estimated five to six thousands of a year earlier. But a spokesperson for Africa Command told Sibel News this week that their power has been assessed to be around five hundred.

Within sharp contrast, LNAs Almesmari mentioned ISIS numbers are far larger close to five to seven thousand individuals of different nationalities.


The terrorist group, Pelton indicated, is well positioned to outlive territorial losses such as Mosul, Raqqa and Sirte as its savvy propaganda promotion ensures ongoing recruitment.

ISIS is really a transnational franchise that comes with funding, coaches and PR packages, Pelton mentioned. They seek out groups who will re-brand themselves and project the image of the international organization by standardizing trademarks, messaging and even design criteria to get tweets and videos.


Because the death of its longtime leader Muammar Qaddafi   who was killed this year following then-U. S. Secretary associated with State Hillary Clinton and the Obama administrations alleged maneuvers to back again rebels in the quest for regime modify   Libya as a country continues to be in a protracted state of turmoil and a breeding ground for chaotic militias to emerge. Its purged with radical militias, weapons, individual traffickers and two main however are many competing factions.

There is the U. S i9000. and U. N. -supported Federal government of National Accord (GNA) brought by Prime Minister Fayez Serraj in Tripoli, at odds using the LNA which is helmed by the Egypt-endorsed, Benghazi-based Gen. Khalifa Haftar. 1 U. S official affiliated with the particular GNA, who requested anonymity, informed Fox News that the political plus security vacuum that existed in the land post 2011 allowed ISIS to consider root.

ISIS still poses a risk not just to Libya, the Oughout. S official added, but in order to its neighbors, Europe and the United states of america.

Hollie McKay has been a FoxNews. com staff reporter since 3 years ago. She has reported extensively from the Center East on the rise and fall associated with terrorist groups such as ISIS within Iraq. Follow her on tweets at @holliesmckay