Jennifer Lawrence Was ‘Sobbing’ At Amy Schumer’s ‘Very Sudden’ Wedding

You didn’ t think Amy Schumer would tie the knot with out her partner-in-crime Jennifer Lawerence , do you?  

The “ Reddish Sparrow” star was among eighty guests present at the comedian’ ersus surprise wedding on Tuesday. Right after only a few months of dating, Schumer married chef  Chris Fischer   in an intimate ceremony looking over the ocean at a house within Malibu, California.

“ It was wonderful, ” Lawrence told  Entertainment Tonight   about the wedding.   “ It had been very sudden, but it was, I had been sobbing the whole ― his promises were stunning. It’ s whenever two people really love each other and they actually mean it, it shows, and yes it was a beautiful ceremony and a fantastic time. I couldn’ t end up being happier for them. ”

Amy Schumer Instagram
Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence pictured together.  

Amy Schumer Instagram
Amy Schumer and husband  Chris Fischer.  

Amy Schumer Instagram
Amy Schumer, Chelsea Handler, Jennifer Lawrence and  Cassie David pose with each other at the ceremony.

“ Observe my shirt was accidentally unfastened the whole time, ” Lawrence additional about her outfit, which the lady previously wore for an event this past year. “ In every wedding photo all my buttons were undone. This looks like I was like, ‘ Wow, you thought this was going to become about you? ’ ”

Visitors also reportedly included famous sorts like Jake Gyllenhaal,   Lewis David, Jennifer Aniston and Jesse Spade.  

Lawerence and Schumer’ s friendship took off in 2015 when they were spotted on vacation jet winter sports together like it had been no big deal and then wowed the masses at a Billy Joel live concert by dancing on the Piano Man’ s, well, piano.   The 2 are also reportedly working on a screenplay together, which has them playing sisters .  

Handout via Getty Images
Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence speak onstage during the 73rd Yearly Golden Globe Awards.

Nevertheless , the bonds of friendship just go so far, as Lawrence exposed there was one thing she wasn’ to down for at the ceremony.  

“ A couple people wanted to decrease and walk on the beach and am was like, ‘ No . I don’ t get the beach. I just don’ t care, ’ ”   she said.  

Schumer plus Fischer were rumored to be dating back to in early November, but kept stuff under wraps  until making their romance formal at Ellen DeGeneres’ star-studded 60th birthday bash.  

Lawrence, meanwhile, recently split along with her “ mother! ”   director Darren Aronofsky after over the year of dating.