Jimmy Kimmel Shreds ‘Cowardly’ Trump, Lawmakers After Texas School Shooting

Jimmy Kimmel   fiercely rebuked President Donald Trump and lawmakers on Fri night,   hours after 10 individuals were killed in a college shooting in Santa Fe, Tx.

“ President Trump said he is ‘ with the people of Santa Fe in this tragic hour and will be using them forever, ’ except for when it comes time for you to do something ― then he will not be using them, and neither will any of the congresspeople or governors who don’ capital t ever do anything because they are afraid that it will hurt them politically, ” Kimmel said.

“ They understand the truth, they know this has long gone too far, ” he added. “ But they are too cowardly to do the appropriate thing. ”

Kimmel said Trump plus lawmakers care more about the assistance of the National Rifle Association “ than they do about kids. ” “ So they sit right now there with their hands in their pockets, pouches that are full of gun money, and so they do nothing. They just wait for the particular outrage to pass, ” he stated.

Check out the full clip above.