Joe Biden consoles Meghan McCain on father’s cancer diagnosis

(CNN) Later on Biden and Meghan McCain contributed an emotional moment Wednesday, with all the former vice president consoling the particular daughter of his friend plus onetime political rival Sen. David McCain.

McCain’s father was diagnosed with glioblasto ma , a good aggressive brain tumor, in This summer. Beau Biden passed away from the exact same cancer in 2015.
“This is the tough part, bear with me, OK? We couldn’t get through your book, I actually tried. Your son Beau got the same cancer that my father had been diagnosed with six months ago, ” McCain said, apologizing as she started to choke up.

“I think about Beau almost every time and I was told — my apologies — that this doesn’t get simpler, but that you cultivate the tools to do business with this and to live with this. I am aware you and your family have been through tragedy which i couldn’t conceive of — exactly what would you tell — it’s not regarding me, it’s about everyone along with cancer, ” McCain said, crying and moping as Biden walked over, changing seats with another host in order to sit next to her.

“Look, among the things that gave Beau courage, the word, was John (McCain). Your own dad, you may remember when you had been a little kid. Your dad got care of my Beau, ” Biden told her, holding her hand.

Their son became friends with McCain, Biden said, noting that when this individual was sick, Beau “talked regarding your dad’s courage, not regarding illness, but about his bravery. ”
Biden called McCain “one of my best close friends. ” The two served together within the Senate for years before running towards each other in the 2008 presidential selection.
“We’re such as two brothers who were somehow elevated by different fathers or some thing because of our points of see, ” Biden said. “Even whenever your dad got mad at me personally, said I should get the hell from the ticket, and remember what I said regarding your dad? I said, I understand, and I mean this sincerely, I am aware if I picked up the phone tonight plus called John McCain and stated,… ‘I need your help, arrive, ‘ he’d get on a airplane and come. And I would meant for him. ”
Biden cited ongoing study and work on glioblastoma, encouraging McCain to remain hopeful.
“There’s breakthroughs that are happening now, there’s four things that are getting on, and it can happen tomorrow, inch he said. “You gotta sustain hope. There’s hope. Hope — you have to have hope, ” Biden mentioned.
“I swear, guys, we are gonna defeat this damn disease, we really are usually, ” he added.
John McCain thanked Biden later Wednesday afternoon.
“Thank you @JoeBiden & the entire Biden family to get serving as an example & source of power for my own family, ” he messaged .
McCain’s office said in a declaration later Wednesday that the senator is definitely “receiving treatment at Walter Reed Medical Center for normal side effects associated with his ongoing cancer therapy. inch
“Senator McCain looks forward to returning to act as soon as possible, ” the declaration said.
This story has been up-to-date with additional comment from Sen. John McCain.