John McCain to return to Senate Tuesday for health care vote

(CNN) Sen. John McCain, recently diagnosed with a good aggressive form of brain cancer, can make a dramatic return to the United states senate Tuesday to cast a critical election on health care legislation.

McCain’s office introduced Monday night that he would come back Tuesday — a surprise to most within Washington who expected him in order to miss the crucial vote and go back to Washington at a later date.
McCain is expected to obtain GOP leadership one vote nearer to beginning debate on health care laws, which is on the verge of falling apart.

“Senator McCain appears forward to returning to the United States United states senate tomorrow to continue working on important laws, including health care reform, the Nationwide Defense Authorization Act, and brand new sanctions on Russia, Iran plus North Korea, ” his workplace said in a statement.
The Arizona Republican went through brain surgery earlier this month plus announced last week he has been identified as having brain cancer.

But McCain’s come back hardly guarantees leadership will be able to move forward a health care bill now. It will help, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell still needs at least fifty votes to start debate on overhauling Obamacare, and can only lose 2 votes from his 52-member meeting. Already, Sen. Susan Collins, the Republican from Maine, has portrayed deep concerns about the motion in order to proceed. And several other senators which includes Rand Paul of Kentucky, Mack Murkowski of Alaska, Rob Natalie portman of Ohio, Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, Dean Heller of Nevada and more remain unsure as of Monday night.
Adding to the suspense associated with Tuesday is the fact that leaders have however to lay out exactly what will come following after members vote to begin argument on their health care bill. Republicans can vote to begin debate on the House-passed legislation Tuesday, but GOP associates are still waiting on what their management plans to do after that.
Some lawmakers have mentioned their vote to advance the health treatment bill Tuesday is contingent with them approving on the steps that come following.
“I’m not really blindly voting, ” Paul informed reporters Monday.
“I would like to know more as I’m certain all of you would too, ” Murkowski said when she was mentioned where she stood on voting to advance a health care bill.
The original plan had been for members to find an agreement on the Senate repeal and replace expenses before the motion to proceed election, but after two different variations were released, there still was not consensus on a proposal. Leadership interested the idea last week of bringing up the repeal-only bill that the Senate identified on in 2015, but Leader Donald Trump made it clear he or she preferred senators find a path ahead on simultaneously repealing and changing Obamacare instead.
Republicans are expected to huddle for that GOP lunch Tuesday afternoon and obtain more information on next steps.
One thing is certain, McCain’s return to Washington puts additional stress on his colleagues. Whether it is enough to obtain McConnell all the votes he requirements remains unclear.
McCain isn’t just returning to Wa because of the health care vote. If that will vote fails, the Senate can be expected to take up the National Protection Authorization Act, according to two congressional aides.
That will bill was marked up from the armed services committee, which McCain leads, and he would lead controversy on the floor. McCain takes great satisfaction in the legislation and does not want anybody else managing it on the floor in his lack if he can help it.
McConnell made a step-by-step motion on the floor Monday night in order to proceed to the defense bill right after health care, signaling that’s his back-up plan this week.