Judge rules New York City bar can refuse service to Trump supporter wearing MAGA hat

The Manhattan judge ruled Wednesday that will kicking a Trump supporter away from a bar does not violate legislation – because the law does not force away political discrimination.

Greg Piatek associated with Philadelphia claims he was declined service and then eventually removed from a brand new York City bar in The month of january 2017 for wearing a “ Create American Great Again” hat, within a lawsuit against the establishment.

“ Anyone who facilitates Trump — or believes about what you believe — is not welcome right here! And you need to leave right now due to the fact we won’ t serve you! ” Piatek claims the staff from the Happiest Hour told him.


Piatek claimed the event “ offended his sense to be an American, ” the New York Post documented .

The lawyer representing The Most happy Hour, Elizabeth Conway, argued which he was not discriminated against because only spiritual – not political – values are protected under state plus city discrimination law.

“ Supporting Trump is not a religion, ” Conway argued.

Piatek’ s attorney Paul Liggieri responded in court, “ The objective of the hat is that he used it because he was visiting the particular 9/11 Memorial. ”

“ He has been paying spiritual tribute to the sufferers of 9/11. The Make United states Great Again hat was component of his spiritual belief, ” Liggieri claimed. “Rather than remove their hat, instead he held faithful to his spiritual belief and has been forced from the bar, ” Liggieri told Justice David Cohen, the brand new York Post reported.

The judge pushed Liggieri on the spiritual nature associated with his client’s belief, saying the particular bar staff would not be aware of Piatek’ s specific religious philosophies.

“ The number of members are in this spiritual plan that your client is engaged in? ” the judge asked.

“ Your prize, we don’ t allege the quantity of individuals, ” Liggieri said.

“ Therefore , it’ s a creed of just one? ” the judge asked.

“ Indeed, your honor, ” Liggieri responded, the New York Post reported.

The determine eventually made a ruling at the matter, saying the incident be nothing more than a “ petty minor, ” the New York Post documented.

“ Plaintiff does not state any faith-based principle to which the hat pertains, ” Judge Cohen said. “ Here the claim that plaintiff had not been served and eventually  escorted from the bar because of his perceived assistance for President Trump is not crazy conduct. ”


Piatek was suing for unspecified psychological damage and will review with Liggieri to determine whether or not to appeal the particular verdict.

The Happiest Hour denied that will Piatek had been removed in the first place, saying Piatek “ was sufficiently satisfied with his service at the bar [and] that he added” the $36 tip onto the $186 tab, according to the New York Post . The bar owners suggest Piatek’ s lawsuit was a “ promotion stunt. ”