Kanye West criticizes Obama and praises Trump: ‘The mob can’t make me not love him’

(CNN) Kanye West remained defiant Wednesday among mounting backlash from fans within the rapper’s positive words about Leader Donald Trump, tweeting a picture associated with himself wearing a “Make America Excellent Again” hat and criticizing previous President Barack Obama.

Obama publicly known as West a “jackass” in 2009 following the rapper interrupted Taylor Swift’s conversation at the VMAs.

“You don’t have to agree with trump however the mob can’t make me not enjoy him, ” West tweeted previously Wednesday. “We are both dragon power. He is my brother. I love everyone. We don’t agree with everything anyone really does. That’s what makes us individuals. And have the right to independent thought. inch

“Thank you Kanye, very cool! ” Trump tweeted on Wednesday, quoting West’s tweet.

Trump also tweeted, “MAGA, inch which stands for “Make America Excellent Again, ” in response to a photo Western tweeted of his Trump-signed head wear.
The number of tweets comes after fans lamented a report this week from Hot ninety-seven radio host Ebro Darden that will West recently told him, “I love Donald Trump, ” plus defended a previous tweet where the rapper complimented conservative commentator Candace Owens.
But lower than an hour later West followed plan another tweet — an obvious request from his wife The mind blowing kim kardashian West, who is a critic associated with Trump — and clarified which he doesn’t agree with everything Trump really does.
“my spouse just called me and she wished me to make this clear in order to everyone. I don’t agree with almost everything Trump does. I don’t concur 100% with anyone but personally, ” he wrote.
But he added which he also loves former Democratic president nominee Hillary Clinton.
White House press admin Sarah Sanders was asked upon Wednesday about West’s admiration for your President and whether the pair intend to meet.
“I don’t know of any conversation that will they’ve had over the last week or so, inch Sanders said. “I’ll keep you published if that changes. ”
West famously met with Trump in December 2016 with Trump Tower during the then-President-elect’s changeover period and that encounter also produced intense backlash from West’s enthusiasts.
He looked after the meeting in a series of now-deleted tweets and wrote, “I wished to meet with Trump today to discuss modern issues… I feel it is important to have a immediate line of communication with our future Leader if we truly want change. ”
West, who was hospitalized in November 2016 due to fatigue, shocked fans in California whenever he abruptly ended a live concert with a rant in which he announced that if he had voted, he would possess voted for Trump.