Kanye West says 400 years of slavery was a choice for African-Americans

Following a string of Tweets rants last week, Kanye West resulted in at the TMZ offices on Wednesday to film “ TMZ Live” and made controversial comments regarding slavery that caused offense.  

Things began when West has been asked about his recent support of Leader Trump and his solution turned to the concept of freedom, prompting a few controversial words about the United States’ history with slavery.

“ When you learn about slavery for 400 years. With regard to 400 years?! That sounds like an option. Like, you were there for four hundred years and it’ s everyone all? Like, we’ re psychologically in prison. Like, slavery will go too direct to the idea of blacks, ” he said. “ Therefore prison is something that unites all of us as one race, blacks and white wines being one race. We’ lso are the human race. ”

His comments triggered at least one TMZ staffer to clap back . West and the staffer were filmed shouting across the newsroom, abandoning the interview format associated with “ TMZ Live. ”

“He had been filming ‘ TMZ live, ’ which is always filmed in the office, and just stood up and wandered around and pretty much did the particular interview for the entire office, ” the TMZ insider, who was there throughout filming, told Fox News. “ He came with Candace Owens therefore [the interview was] controversial to put it lightly. ”

In the clip from “ TMZ” staffer, Van Lathan confronts West following the slavery comments.

“ Body that I’ m feeling, body that I’ m being free of charge and thinking free?! ” Western shouts in the office newsroom.

Lathan fires back again: “ I actually don’ t believe you’ re thinking anything. I believe what you’ re doing right this moment is actually  the absence of believed. And the reason that I feel like which is, Kanye, you’ re entitled to your own opinion; you’ re entitled to think whatever you want, but there’ s i9000 fact and real life consequence at the rear of everything you just said. While you are producing music and being an artist plus living the life that you’ ve earned by being a genius, average folks in society have to deal with these risks to our lives. We have to deal with the particular marginalization that has come from the four hundred years of slavery that you said, for the people, was ‘ a choice’ … Frankly, I’ m unhappy, I’ m appalled and, sibling, I’ m unbelievable hurt by fact that you have morphed into some thing, to me, that’ s not genuine. ”

West approaches him apologizing regarding hurting him, but Lathan simply keeps lecturing the rapper about how exactly his voice is too big. This didn’ t take long for the particular clip to garner backlash upon social media.

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“ Simply watched tmz video on YouTube therefore Kanye West said slavery was obviously a choice. He is the stupidest unaware person I ever seen he or she needs help. Sick human being, ” one user wrote.

“ When you learn about slavery for 400 years. four hundred years?! That sounds like a choice. ‘ Just awful words from @kanyewest. He’s absolutely lost it. Thank you so much @VanLathan for being the voice associated with reason!!! ” another user mentioned.

“ How can you honestly sit presently there and say slavery was a option, ” a third user said soon after the below video dropped.

West afterwards accepted Twitter to explain his remarks in another twine of disjointed tweets.  

“We require open discussions and ideas upon unsettled pain, ” he published.  

“To make myself clear. Obviously I know that slaves did not obtain shackled and put on a boat simply by free will, ” he published. “My point is for us to get stayed in that position even though the quantities were on our side means that we were psychologically enslaved. ” 

“They cut out our tongues so we couldn’t communicate to each other. I am going to not allow my tongue to become cut, ” he continued. “They hung the most powerful in order to power fear into the others. They can no more stop our voice. ” 

Earlier on Wednesday, West posted a nearly two-hour job interview with TV character Charlamagne Tha God in which he or she covered many topics, including captivity as well.  

“That was the moment which i wanted to use Bitcoin, when I saw Harriett Tubman on the $20 bill, ” he said. “ It’ t like when you just see all of the slave movies. It’ s such as why do you gotta keep reminding us about slavery? Why don’ t you… put Michael Jordan over the $20 bill? ”