Kendrick Lamar calls out white fan after she raps N-word

Rapper Kendrick Lamar called away a white fan on Weekend for not skipping the N-word in a single of his songs after welcoming her on stage to rap along with him.

The woman was among the fortunate fans who knew all the words and phrases to Lamar’ s 2012 monitor “ M. A. A. M City” and were invited ahead up on stage and rap along with during the final day of the Hangout Festival in Gulf Shores, The state of alabama, Billboard reported.


  “ So he starts the particular track and she gets to the first N-word of the song and she doesn’ big t say it, so I breathe the sigh of relief, ” published one festival-goer who apparently observed the incident. “ But then the girl gets to the next one and she devices that s— out like it’ s her own name. ”

“ It offers never felt more gratifying in order to boo someone than when we along booed [the woman] from the stage, ” the Twitter consumer added.

Some in the crowd could be noticed calling the fan expletive titles.

Lamar stop the woman.

“ You got to bleep a single word though, ” he stated. The fan apologized. She was handed another chance but faltered plus mixed up the rhythm and text.

A lot of on social media celebrated Lamar’ t decision to call out the girl for using the N-word. “ Therefore glad I was able to witness this type of historical event, ” wrote one particular user on Twitter. “ So what can I say, we love the king, ” wrote another consumer.

Yet others said it was unfair for that rapper and the crowd to turn towards her as she merely attempted to sing the actual lyrics of the track. “ I honestly feel therefore bad for her because if artists don’ t want us saying specific words, then don’ t place it in your songs for the entire public to know, ” one woman wrote upon Twitter.

“ He got mad mainly because someone sang the lyrics to the music he wrote? After he taken her on stage? Sounds… stupid, ” said another user on Tweets.

Lukas Mikelionis is a media reporter for FoxNews. com. Follow your pet on Twitter  @LukasMikelionis .