Kim Jong Un calls Trump ‘deranged,’ vows he will ‘pay dearly’

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un lashed out at Chief executive Trump Thursday, saying the United states leader was “deranged” and vowing that Trump would “pay dearly” for his threat to ruin North Korea.

Kim’s statement has been published by North Korea’s condition propaganda arm in response to Trump’s hot speech at the United Nations General Set up Tuesday.

Kim said that Trump is “unfit to hold the prerogative of best command of a country. ” He or she also described the president because “a rogue and a gangster attached to playing with fire. ”

On Tuesday, Trump mocked Kim as a “Rocket Man” on a “suicide mission, ” plus said that if “forced to defend alone or its allies, we will do not have choice but to totally eliminate North Korea. ”

Kim recognized Trump’s speech to the world entire body as “mentally deranged behavior. inch

He said Trump’s remarks “have convinced me, rather than frightening or even stopping me, that the path We chose is correct and that it does not take one I have to follow to the final. ”

Kim said he is “thinking hard” about his response which Trump “will face results outside of his expectation. ”

It is uncommon for the North Korean leader in order to issue such a statement in his very own name. It will further escalate the particular war of words between the adversaries as the North moves closer to mastering a nuclear-tipped missile that could hit America.

In recent months, the North provides launched a pair of intercontinental missiles considered capable of striking the continental United states of america and another pair that jumped over Japanese territory. Earlier this particular month, North Korea conducted the most powerful nuclear test to date sketching stiffer U. N. sanctions.

The Associated Press contributed for this report.