Kimmel Shreds Donald Trump Jr. For Perpetuating Florida Shooting Conspiracies

Jimmy Kimmel has absolutely no time for people who claim conspiracy theories,   including  Donald Trump Jr .

On Wednesday’ s “ Due to jimmy kimmel Live! ” the late-night sponsor tore into people who claim that the particular survivors of last week’ ersus deadly college shooting in Parkland, Florida, were really “ turmoil actors” trying to advance a left-wing agenda. And he took particular goal at President Donald Trump’ t eldest son, who liked 2 tweets promoting a conspiracy concept about the shooting.

“ This is our own president’ s son doing that will, ” said Kimmel. “ Preference a story that directly defames students that survived a shooting. ”

Kimmel then issued a message in order to anyone who thinks the teenagers exactly who spoke out in the aftermath from the massacre were actors and “ part of some kind of deep state, left-wing conspiracy. ”

“ I have some bad information for you. You are crazy. You are the crazy person. Your brain is not working, and I’ m worried about a person. ”

Check out the full segment above.