Latest North Korean missile could hit entire US mainland, Pyongyang says

North Korea’ s state television said Wed that the nuclear-capable intercontinental-ballistic missile which was launched earlier is “ considerably more” powerful than the previous tool and puts the entire United States in the crosshairs.

The report called the tool a Hwasong 15. The start was detected after it was terminated early Wednesday morning from a web site near Pyongyang.

South Korea’s  Yonhap News Agency , which first reported the release, said the missile launch occurred around 3 a. m. nearby time in North Korea. South Korea fired pinpoint missiles into close by waters to make sure North Korea knows it can be “taken under fire” from the South, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said.

North Korea continues to be working to perfect “ re-entry” technology to one day possess a warhead be able to survive re-entry straight into Earth’ s atmosphere. This ICBM would be able to hit any city inside the U. S. if a warhead can survive re-entry.

It was determined by the American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) that this missile “did not pose the threat to North America, our areas or our allies, ” Pentagon spokesman Col. Robert Manning 3 told Fox News.  

Manning, within an earlier statement, said: “We are usually in the process of assessing the situation, and we will end up being providing additional details when obtainable. ”