Mad Pooper’s ‘spokesman’ tries to clear the air

It’ s not a Colorado jogger’ s fault she’ s pooping on people’ s lawns — because she suffered a distressing brain injury, and now simply can’ t control where she will her business, according to a man who have claimed to be “ a family consultant. ”

Nevertheless, the Mad Pooper would like to apologize for her actions, mentioned the unidentified man in a since-removed YouTube video, according to ABC affiliate KRDO.

The girl bathroom behavior is similar to breastfeeding in public areas and is protected under the First Change, the unidentified man claimed.

But the criminal defense attorney said the person is full of crap.

“ Defecating within someone’ s yard is definitely not really protected under the First Amendment in fact it is actually a crime, ” Jeremy Loew said.

The woman could actually be billed with indecent exposure, which might property her in the sex offender registry, Loew added.

The jogger has been pooping outside the Colorado Springs home of Cathy Budde at least once a week and police have been trying to get to the bottom from the mystery.

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