Man jailed after giving middle finger to speed camera

A driver who turned the bird at a traffic digital camera is about to be a jailbird.

A courtroom in England has sentenced Timothy Slope, 67, to eight months within prison after he was captured using an illegal laser jammer to prevent speeding tickets.


While investigating him for the misdemeanor, the 67-year-old was spotted driving of his Range Rover whilst giving the middle finger to cellular traffic cameras on three individual occasions, SWNS reports.

“ If you want to entice our attention, repeatedly gesturing with police camera vans with your center finger while you’ re traveling a distinctive car fitted with a laserlight jammer is an excellent way to do it, ” the head of traffic enforcement designed for North Yorkshire said after the sentencing.

Slope initially denied the accusations towards him, but later fessed upward after admitting he’ d tossed the device into a river in an attempt to prevent prosecution. He pled guilty in order to perverting the course of justice, yet wasn’ t charged with boosting since the jammer prevented police through determining how fast he has been driving.