Marine’s 2-year-old brother takes his place in girlfriend’s prom photos

A Louisiana teen’ s Marine boyfriend couldn’ t take her to the promenade because he was away at army training, so instead she got his baby brother step in to change him.  

Skyler Fontaine, eighteen, of New Orleans was initially upset Gage Moak wouldn’ t be about to take her to the dance, yet she thought posing for pictures with his 2-year-old brother Clay might be a sweet gesture.


“ He is a family man and very emotional, ” Fontaine told Fox 8 of her boyfriend. “Clay wants to be just like his your government. I’m very close to him, he or she is like my own little brother, inch she said.

All dressed up in small Marine Corps dress blues in certain of the photos and a tiny tuxedo in the rest, young Clay appears thrilled to be photographed alongside their brother’ s girlfriend.   (Courtesy: Skylar Fontaine)

All dressed up in mini Sea Corps dress blues in some from the photos and a tiny tuxedo within the rest, young Clay looks excited to be photographed alongside his brother’ s girlfriend. Fontaine shared the nice photos online, that have since gone viral, receiving more than 42, 000 retweets and two hundred, 000 likes on Twitter because on Friday morning.

“ My partner is a Marine and isn’ big t home to take me to my mature prom… so his little sibling stepped in and took their place. Needless to say, this girl is so joyful, ” she wrote in the article.

Whilst it’ s been hard regarding Fontaine to be separated from the girl boyfriend of a year, who’ h 1, 000 miles away over the East Coast training for his Army Occupation Specialty, she supports the particular sacrifice he’ s making. “I have been with him through this particular entire process of becoming a Marine, which has given us a special relationship, ” she told Fox 6.

Fontaine said she was surprised the particular photos went viral and mentioned she has gotten a lot of positive reactions.   (Courtesy: Skylar Fontaine)

Fontaine said the lady was surprised the photos proceeded to go viral.

“I received so much incredible feedback from our friends and family! ” the girl told The Times-Picayune . “My partner was so thrilled. Like I actually said, he’s sentimental when it comes to their family, so it really touched their heart, ” she said.

Despite the enjoyable they seem to be having in the photos, Fontaine said she didn’ to actually go to the prom with Clay-based, but a group of friends instead.

Michelle Gant is a writer plus editor for Fox News Way of living.