McCain Now Wishes He’d Never Selected Sarah Palin As His 2008 Running Mate

Sen. Steve McCain (R-Ariz. ) reportedly wishes he had never selected former Alaska Gov.   Sarah Palin   (R) as a running mate with regard to his unsuccessful  08 presidential campaign .

According to The Ny Times, McCain had considered Joe Lieberman , then an independent senator from Connecticut, for the job of vice chief executive. However , advisors warned against selecting the longtime member of the Democratic Party who still caucused using them.

“ It was sound advice which i could reason for myself, ”   McCain wrote in his upcoming life, “ The Restless Wave: Happy times, Just Causes, Great Fights as well as other Appreciations, ”   per the days. “ Yet my gut told me to disregard it and I wish I had . ”  

In an upcoming HBO documented , McCain described his choice to not select Lieberman as “ another mistake that I made. ”

NBC NewsWire via Getty Images
Sen. Joe Lieberman (right) recommended and campaigned for Sen. Sara McCain  during the  2008 usa president election.

Lieberman, who  endorsed McCain   and spoke at the Conservative National Convention on the senator’ s account , had run for vice president as a Democrat on the 2k ticket headed by Al Gore .    

In an excerpt of the guide posted online by NPR, McCain called Palin  “ a popular, full of energy and accomplished reformer. ” Yet he also admitted there were several problems.  

She stumbled in some selection interviews and had a few misjudgments in the bright glare of the ceaseless spotlight , ” McCain wrote. “ Those problems too are on me. She didn’ t put herself on the solution. I did. ”

The duo eventually lost to Barack Obama plus Joe Biden .  

Palin resigned since governor of Alaska the following yr and became a leading voice from the “ Tea Celebration ” movement.    

McCain, 81, is now  battling brain cancer .   “ The Restless Wave” will be released later this 30 days.    

(h/t The Hill )