Meghan McCain reacts after Senator John McCain diagnosed with brain tumor

Meghan McCain, daughter of Sen. Ruben McCain, R-Ariz., and co-host associated with “Outnumbered” on Fox News Station, released this statement after the girl father was diagnosed with a human brain tumor.

“The news of my fathers disease has affected every one of us within the McCain family. My grandmother, mom, brothers, sister, and I have all suffered the shock of the news, and today we live with the anxiety as to what comes next. It is an experience acquainted to us, given my dads previous battle with cancer and it is acquainted to the countless American families in whose loved ones are also stricken with the disaster of disease and the inevitability old. If we could ask anything associated with anyone now it would be the praying of those of you who fully grasp this all too well. We would be therefore grateful for them.

“It will not surprise you to learn that in every this, the one of us who is many confident and calm is my dad. He is the toughest person I realize. The cruelest enemy could not split him. The aggressions of politics life could not bend him. Therefore he is meeting this challenge when he has had every other. Cancer may affect him in many ways: but it will not create him surrender. Nothing ever offers.

“My love for my dad is boundless, and like any girl I cannot and do not wish to be in a global without him. I have faith those days remain far away. Yet during this moment, my fears designed for him are overwhelmed by something above all: gratitude for our years collectively, and the years still to come. He could be a warrior at dusk, one of finest Americans of our age, and the worthwhile heir to his fathers plus grandfathers name. But to me he could be something more. He is my power, my example, my refuge, our confidante, my teacher, my rock and roll, my hero my dad. -MMM”