Melania Is Trapped In The White House, Says France’s First Lady

France’ s first lady a new great time with the Trumps during the girl three-day visit to the U. H. with husband Emmanuel Macron , yet she told a French newspapers that she felt sorry designed for Melania Trump   because she’ s a virtual prisoner within the White House.

Melania “ cannot do anything at all , ” Brigitte Macron told Le Monde   upon Friday, apparently referring to security restrictions, the newspaper reported. “ The girl can’ t even open the window at the White House. The girl can’ t stick her nasal area outside. She’ s much more limited than I am.   Me,   every day, I’ m out within Paris. ”

No wonder she seems to look so grim, Brigitte Macron said. “ Everything is interpreted, over-interpreted, ” she added, probably referring to scrutiny by the media as well as the public. “ She’ s a female with a lot of character but attempts to hide it. She laughs effortlessly about everything but shows this less than I do. ”

The two initial ladies got along swimmingly, stated Macron.   Melania was “ really fun, ” she stated. “ We have the same sense of humor. We all laugh a lot together. ” Macron called her  “ kind, captivating, intelligent and very open. ”

France’ s first lady admitted that will she has to deal with some of the same restrictions as her American counterpart since she has to be “ careful the things i say. ”

She added: “ I have the impression that every phrase is a word too many. I’ meters constantly holding myself back. That’ s the hardest part: There’ s never really any time off, certainly not a moment when you can be completely relaxed. ”

But she said the girl tries to live as normal the life as possible and goes out every day. She often visits her three kids from a previous relationship, and she visits her grandchildren.   Macron said she tries to become more than just a decorative “ flower pot” in the shadow of her spouse. But that was difficult to do on the trip to the U. S. “ Everything was very framed, ” she said. “ there were little labels on the ground. I put personally where I had to put myself. ”  

Macron, 65, is quarter of a century older than her husband, who was as soon as her student. That’ s comparable age gap between  Donald Trump , 71, great wife, who just turned 48 .