Mexican deported from US 20 times gets 35 years for assaults on women

The Mexican man who was deported from your United States more than a dozen times had been sentenced Friday in Oregon in order to 35 years in prison right after pleading guilty to sodomy, kidnapping, sex abuse and other charges within separate attacks on two females.

Sergio Jose Martinez told victims’ family members he would see them in heck after the sentence was pronounced Fri in a Portland courtroom.

Just a day previously, another man who had already been deported multiple times for being in America unlawfully, Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, has been found not guilty by a jury within San Francisco in the shooting death of the woman. That case that handled off a national immigration controversy.

“Unfortunately, after Zarate got acquitted, Martinez is now the boogeyman of the encounter of immigration, ” Martinez’s attorney, Jonathan Sarre, said in a cell phone interview.

A week before the attacks, Martinez has been freed from jail in Portland in which he had served time for interfering with police and providing a fake birth date. He was release despite a request from Oughout. S. Immigration and Customs Adjustment for the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Workplace to hold him so the agency can take him into custody.

Oregon grew to become America’s first sanctuary state in order to adopted a law in 1987 preventing law enforcement from detaining those who are in the United States illegally but have not damaged other laws.

Sheriff Michael Reese mentioned he could not legally continue to keep Martinez on the federal agency’s “immigration detainer” request. Reese said that in case ICE had sent a felony detention warrant signed by a assess, he could have been held longer.

“He was launched consistent with the orders of the courtroom. No federal or state lawbreaker warrants were present at the time he or she left our custody, ” the particular sheriff said at the time while observing that Martinez had been deported prior to “and has returned to use additional crimes. ”

“It would assist our community to understand how this individual was held accountable by federal regulators for multiple, illegal re-entries” Reese said.

U. S. Attorney General Shaun Sessions highlighted Martinez’s case whenever he visited Oregon in Sept and urged local jurisdictions that will don’t cooperate with federal migration agents to reconsider those plans.

Martinez attacked the two women in Portland on July 24, one within her home and the other within a parking garage.

Two relatives of one from the victims and one of the victims himself spoke during the sentencing phase Fri, in which Martinez often grinned. The brother of one victim told Martinez, “Sergio, no sentencing is enough. We rather you rot in heck, ” KOIN-TV news reported .

Deputy Ag Amity Girt, the prosecutor over the case, said “we had very powerful victim impact statements having said that it all. ”

“It was really breathtaking to know the far-reaching consequences of chaotic crime, the emotional injury, inch Girt said in a telephone job interview.

Beneath the agreement that spared Martinez the possibly longer sentence if he previously been found guilty at demo, he pleaded guilty to ten counts, including first-degree burglary, sodomy, sex abuse, kidnapping, robbery, plus second-degree assault, Girt said.

When Martinez left the courtroom, he informed the victims’ relatives: “See whatever you guys in hell, ” KOIN reported.

Sarre said Martinez, 31, “suffers from some mental illnesses; usually such people may do unacceptable things in these situations. ”

However , a physician had declared Martinez competent in order to stand trial, Sarre said.

Martinez is just not eligible for early release due to a 1994 ballot initiative passed by Or voters that establishes mandatory minimal sentences for certain crimes, Sarre stated.

Right after 35 years, ICE would be able to consider him into custody if they keep track of his release date, the lawyer said.

By then, Martinez will be 66 years of age.

GLACIERS had no immediate comment on the situation.