Michelle Obama still questioning why women voted for Trump in 2016

Former first lady Michelle Obama said Saturday that the girl was “concerned about us because women and how we think” in the wake up of Donald Trump’s victory more than Hillary Clinton in the 2016 president election.

Obama was the keynote loudspeaker at the United State of Women Peak in Los Angeles, where she has been joined on stage by “Black-ish” celebrity Tracee Ellis Ross.

“When the most competent person running was a woman, and appear what we did instead, I mean that will says something about where we have been, ” said Obama in mention of the the election, in which 41 % of all women — and fifty two percent of white women — pulled the lever for Trump.

“If we since women are still suspicious of one an additional, if we still have this crazy, insane bar for each other that we have no for men, ” Obama added, “if we’re not comfortable with the notion that the woman could be our president… after that we have to have those conversations along with ourselves as women. ”

Since leaving behind the White House last year, Obama has emphatically denied that she could run for elected office plus did so again on Sunday.

“Change starts close to home. So searching for the next person to run… that’s been our own distraction, ” she said. “We’re just going to wait for the next individual to save us. ”

“All of us within the room are the answer to our own issues, ” Obama added. “It is just not finding the one right person that good can save us from ourselves. It could us. ”