Mike Pence To Robert Mueller On Russia Probe: ‘Wrap It Up’

Vice President Mike Pence wants special counsel Robert Mueller , who is leading the probe in to possible connections between  Donald Trump ’ s presidential campaign and  Russia, to “ wrap it up. ”

On Thursday morning, NBC’ ersus Andrea Mitchell interviewed Pence plus asked about Mueller.

She first pushed Pence on whether Mueller might be trusted. Pence didn’ t solution that question or her followup about whether  “ this analysis is a hoax. ”  

Rather, Pence responded, “ What I believe is that it’ s been in regards to a year since this investigation started. Our administration has provided over a mil documents. We’ ve fully cooperated in it. And in the interest of the nation, I think it’ s time to cover it up. I would very respectfully motivate the special counsel and his group to bring their work to conclusion. ”

His comment raised the red flag for “ Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough, who pointed out the interview with Mitchell in the show on MSNBC later that will morning.  

Scarborough theorized that will Pence might not be revealing all that this individual knows about the investigation, particularly about  former nationwide security adviser Michael Flynn .

“ Paul Pence has been claiming that he has been just out in the dark, ” mentioned Scarborough.

“ And that he or she was just this clueless, hapless Indiana Hoosier that Donald Trump and the rest of the White House mentioned nothing to. But you’ ve just got to start asking yourself, in the event that Mike Pence wants to kill a study that is pursuing how the Russians attempted to undermine American democracy in 2016  — my gosh, makes myself sad to say this … but I suppose we have to start asking the question how come Mike Pence want to kill this particular investigation? ”

Scarborough called Pence the particular “ Spiro Agnew for the Trump administration, ” referring to Richard Nixon’ s first vice president, exactly who resigned after pleading no competition to an income tax evasion charge.