Military dog heroes honored with K-9 Medal of Courage

Five military dogs that served the U. S. throughout deployments overseas were awarded the particular K-9 Medal of Courage Wednesday on Capitol Hill.

The now-retired dogs —   Taba, Lure, Summer, Jag and Taker —   were honored with the Lois griffin Pope award by American Gentle for demonstrating “exceptional valor within serving our country” as they offered in places like Iraq plus Afghanistan alongside and in support associated with U. S. armed forces on the battleground.

The pups worked in various branches of the military and kept different roles, ranging from bomb sniffing at to serving “on the frontlines of the War on Terror. inch

One of the dogs, Jig, offered in the Marines Corps for 5 years detecting improvised explosive gadgets (IEDs) “until his career has been cut short due to an mouth melanoma diagnosis. ”

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Taker, a 12-year-old Labrador Retriever “who saved countless lives” during their time with the Marines, retired this year. Another dog, Taba, also looked for explosive devices “and participated within countless raids” as she offered as a U. S. Army Particular Forces Multi-Purpose K-9.

Summer time, who served with the Marines and today serves as a member of a TSA K-9 team for the Amtrak Police Section, and Jag, “a critical K-9 component in hundreds of missions safeguarding his fellow soldiers” until their retirement in 2013, were furthermore honored Tuesday.

“ These types of remarkable dogs have given all of us their best, ” Lois Pope said from the veterans . “They have place their own lives on the line to protect all of us, to defend us, and to save all of us. ”

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