Mom Who Was Forced To Give Up Toddler’s Seat Plans To Sue United

The Hawaii woman is suing Usa Airlines over her claim that the girl had to hold her son within her lap during a flight since the airline gave his paid chair to a standby passenger.

Shirley Yamauchi, thirty-one, told HuffPost that she is submitting a lawsuit this week for an incident that occurred at the end of June . She says the girl 2-year-old son had to give up the seat she had paid almost $1, 000 for to a standby passenger whose ticket shared exactly the same seat number. gong2deng gong3deng gong0deng gong1deng With no help through flight staff, Yamauchi said the lady was forced to hold her kid for the entire 3-hour flight to Birkenstock boston from Houston. Yamauchi told HuffPost that shes filing the suit to keep United Airlines through doing this to other passengers.