‘Morning Joe’ Host Says Trump Is ‘Openly Racist’ And So Are His Supporters

MSNBC’ s Later on Scarborough   didn’ big t mince words Friday morning: This individual called Jesse Trump “ freely racist” and said that, by expansion, so are his supporters.

In a segment upon “ Morning Joe, ” Scarborough and co-host  Mika Brzezinski   ripped to the president for his actions.

“ You’ ve got Charlottesville, exactly where Donald Trump of course defended white-colored supremacists with moral equivalency, ” Scarborough said. “ Even this season, Donald Trump calling Hispanics ‘ breeders. ’ Just last week, saying immigrants coming across the border had been, quote, ‘ infesting America, ’ and no, he wasn’ t speaking about gang members. ”

Scarborough after that told Trump supporters they are just like bad as the president regarding ethnic issues.

“[Trump supporters] cannot state, ’ Oh, I’ m simply supporting him because he’ s i9000 giving them hell in Washington, G. C., ” Scarborough said. “ No, he’ s been freely racist, just like we said in December of 2015, openly hurtful. If you support him, then you’ re supporting that, and you are that will. It’ s that simple. That’ ersus what we’ ve come to right now. ”

Brzezinski also said the particular recent migrant family separations   in the border and the administration’ s absolutely no tolerance policy are bad for Trump’ s image.

“ He will be permanently remembered as the president who traumatized little children. That’ s his brand name now, ” she said. “ He’ s the president exactly who purposefully traumatized babies and kids, and he traumatized them for their political gain or to look solid or to look like Kim Jong El. ”

However , Brzezinski defended  Melania Trump’ s coat   — which examine “ I don’ t actually care. Do u? ” — by introducing an interesting theory.

“ The thing is the first lady trying her better to separate herself from this because the girl, too, could have been one of those children, ”   Brzezinski said. “ The girl doesn’ t look like them, yet she knows this is bad, therefore she rushes to the border, plus who cares what she’ ersus wearing? She probably was speaking with her husband. ”

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