Motorcyclist recovering after driving off a 250-foot cliff

(CNN) Motorcyclist Matthew Murray was driving with the Santa Monica Mountains in Calabasas, California, when he lost control over his motorcycle.

“It processed instantly in my head that you’re gonna perish, ” Murray told CNN La affiliate KCAL-TV.
Murray, 27, lay motionless for approximately a minute and half before restoring consciousness, he said.

“I tried to walk to my motorbike to get my phone and contact 911, ” Murray said. “But I couldn’t walk downhill, outside just turned around and halfway within hill I went into shock. very well

Murray was able to climb up the cliff accompanied by a broken back and flag a golf driver to call 911.
Matthew’s mother, Amy Murray, told CNN her son attention he had died.
“As he was flying, this thought through his head was, ‘I’m dying, ‘” she said. “So this is what dead feels like. ”
She said your woman’s son has trouble watching it of his near-death experience. “He can’t believe he’s alive, they can’t watch the whole video, inch she said. “He though having been dead. ”
Murray is now out of the hospital, your girl said, but still recovering from a torn back, broken clavicle and a punctured lung.
Murray told KCAL-TV the only thing that she thought to do was fight throughout pain.
lunch break… I just decided to fight, ” raam anand said. “Honestly, my legs were definitily done so I just kind of crawled -up and once I made it to the peak I just collapsed. ”
Amy Murray said while it’s true her son loved his chopper, he won’t be riding one today.
“He’s been on a bike for eight years, ” she said. “Unfortunately, he loved the thrill of it. inch