‘New California’ movement seeks to divide the Golden State in half

2 men have launched a campaign in order to divide rural California from the seaside cities, motivated by what they known as a “ tyrannical form of authorities, ” that doesn’ t the actual state or federal constitution, the particular San Francisco Chronicle reported .

Unlike the particular failed 2016 campaign to divided California into 6 states, the particular “ New California” movement, created by Robert Paul Preston plus Tom Reed, seeks to combine rural California into a dinstinct economic climate separate from the coast.  

Preston plus Reed say the citizens from the state live “ under a tyrannical form of government that does not follow the Ca and U. S. Constitutions. ”

The particular “founders” have evoked Article 4 Section 3 of the United States Constitution because justification for establishing a new economic climate with a new state constitution.  

It declares that a consensus must be reached by state legislatures of California in addition to congress. The process, according to New Ca representatives, could take 10 to eighteen months.

The New California movement unveiled the “ Announcement of Independence , ” previously this week that called for a “ free and Independent State” along with “ full power to establish and keep law and order, to promote common prosperity. ”