New Health Care Bill Proves GOP Promises On Pre-Existing Conditions Were Never Serious

The best change in the new Senate Conservative health care offer is, as expected, a good amendment that has the potential to challenge current protections for pre-existing situations.

Yes, thats despite the promises Conservative leaders have made, over and over, to treat individuals protections as sacrosanct.

The modification, based on a proposal that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has been advertising and tweaking for weeks, might undermine the rules on what and whom insurers cover in order to make insurance less expensive. These rules, which include prohibitions upon charging higher premiums to people along with severe medical problems, are a foundation of the Affordable Care Act.

Jones has presented his amendment like a compromise, in part because it would need insurers to keep offering some programs that comply with the existing regulations. As well as the overall impact of the proposal continues to be difficult to determine precisely, because experts are scrambling to see how the various pieces, including a special fund to assist people with much more serious medical problems, fit together.

But it appears clear the proposal is really simply a more roundabout way of trying to achieve what conservatives have always wished to do