New U.S. Army Regulations Will Allow Turbans, Hijabs And Beards

Just days into the new yr, the U. S. Army has handed a major victory to spiritual liberty advocates.

Brand new Army regulations released upon Tuesday state that servicemen and ladies at the brigade level will now become granted religious accommodations to wear turbans, beards, and hijabs in accordance with their own faith. The move comes simply days after the New York Police Division announced   its decision to allow officials to wear turbans and grow beards for religious reasons.  

Such accommodations intended for Army service members were earlier made on a case-by-case basis.

“ Based on the successful types of Soldiers currently serving with these lodging, I have determined that brigade-level commanders may approve requests for these lodging, ” wrote Secretary of the Military Eric Fanning in a letter launching the decision.

The brand new regulations will also permit religious anklet bracelets, as well as dreadlocks for female troops.  

Many legal cases in recent years have forced the Army to change its guidelines on grooming and dress. Within April 2016, Bronze Star receiver Captain Simratpal Singh was granted   a permanent accommodation to wear his turban and beard after he sued the military for discrimination. The particular ruling, however , applied only to Singh. A short video produced by Becket Legislation, one of the firms that has petitioned designed for Sikhs’ right to serve in the army, explores the history of the Army’ h rulings on articles of trust:

Tuesday’ s decision ensures that brigade-level commanders will approve all requests designed for religious accommodations as long as the jewellry demonstrates sincere faith observance plus doing so would not present a “ specific, concrete hazard. ”

The Army may continue testing for safety dangers posed by accommodating articles associated with faith, Fanning said. And for now, soldiers with religious accommodations to develop beards will be restricted from army schools and positions where closeness to toxic chemical agents might arise.

Army officers and religious liberty promoters celebrated the ruling, which could have got far-reaching implications for people of belief serving in the Army.

“ My turban plus beard represent my commitment in order to pluralism and equality, ” stated Major Kamaljeet Singh Kalsi, who had been granted an accommodation in 2009. “ This particular new policy change underscores the particular military’ s commitment to these beliefs and is a sign of meaningful improvement that will ensure the strength of our democracy. ”

Representative. Joe Crowley (D-N. Y. ) applauded the Army’ s choice in a statement on his internet site, saying: “ This is major improvement, not just for the Sikh American local community but for our nation’ s army. Sikh Americans love this nation and want a fair chance to assist in our country on equal ground. Today’ s announcement will help perform just that. ”