NFL kneeling protests based on false claims and misleading media reports

The NFL players kneeling during the playing of “ The particular Star-Spangled Banner” in football stadiums across the country are engaging in protests depending on false claims and misleading press reports that give the impression that will police are killing African-Americans for a price greater than they are killing whites.  

In addition , my own research shows that as opposed to some claims, blacks have great relations with police they handle in their neighborhoods.

After Colin Kaepernick, a quarterback with the San Francisco 49ers, began kneeling during the playing of the nationwide anthem 13 months ago,   he stated : “ I am not going to endure show pride in a flag for the country that oppresses black individuals and people of color…. There are body in the street and people (police) are getting compensated leave and getting away with homicide. ”

However ,   a study last year   simply by Harvard Economics Professor Roland Fryer, who is black, concluded that for the Houston police department: “ On the many extreme use of force – officer-involved shootings – we find no ethnic differences in either the raw information or when contextual factors are usually taken into account. ”   Unfortunately, he or she doesn’ t have the race from the officer doing the shooting and the information for just one police department doesn’ to allow the investigation of police procedures.

Making use of four national databases of criminal offense statistics representing confrontations between law enforcement and civilians in many parts of the particular U. S., the study did discover that blacks were more likely than white wines to be treated with some lower amount of force by police during fights – such as being handcuffed, forced to the ground or pepper-sprayed. This is a legitimate issue that merits more study. But it’ s totally different from saying racist white cops are usually – to use Kaepernick’ s inflamed phrase – “ getting aside with murder” of African-Americans.

A Come july 1st poll in New York City found that will blacks strongly support the police in their own neighborhoods – sixty two percent approve compared to just thirty-five percent who disapprove. That ranking is 11 percent higher than blacks give the New York City Police Department in general.

Last Sunday, Hillary Clinton joined the debate , stating the player protests that have spread over the league “ demonstrate in a tranquil way against racism and injustice in our criminal system. ”   She added that President Trump’ s tweets denouncing players that kneeled during the anthem were “ very clear dog-whistles” to his bottom, implying an appeal to anti-black racism.

The particular media have helped create a biased perception that is far from reality upon police shootings. In a new study, the particular Crime Prevention Research Center (where I serve as president) finds that when a white official kills a suspect, the press usually mention the race from the officer. This is rarely true once the officer is black.

As a result, many people improperly believe the police are racist. Nevertheless it comes to the cops who African-Americans deal with personally, they often have a various view.

For example , a July Quinnipiac University election in New York City discovered that blacks strongly support the particular cops in their own neighborhoods – 62 percent approve compared to simply 35 percent who disapprove. That will rating is 11 percent more than blacks give the New York City Police Section as a whole, where perceptions are far very likely to be influenced by media reviews.

Information also show that blacks don’ t hesitate to reach out to law enforcement and report crime. Indeed, through 2008 to 2012, blacks had been actually more likely than whites, Hispanics or even Asians to report violent criminal offenses committed against them to the police.

How do we all know this?

The Department of Justice performs an annual survey that asks individuals if they have been the victim of the crime. That’ s how we understand how much crime there is in every neighborhood. Then, the Crime Avoidance Research Center study compares that will crime rate with how automobile actually reported crimes to the law enforcement.

What we should find is that blacks were nine percentage points more likely than white wines (54 percent to 45 percent) to report a crime towards the police. Blacks are 16 % more likely than Hispanics and twelve percent more likely than Asians in order to report a crime.

It’s not just that blacks report more crime because they encounter more of it. This higher price of reporting even holds true within areas where other groups face increased violent crime rates than blacks do.  

More importantly, this trust in group police appears to be well-placed. This is because in spite of what Kaepernick and others falsely state, white police officers aren’ t eliminating defenseless blacks just because they can. Blacks also are a smaller percentage of people slain by police than the black talk about of murderers and other violent bad guys.

By means of extensive research, we found two, 699 police shootings across the country from 2013-2015. That’ s much more than the FBI found – the data is limited to only 1, 366 cases voluntarily provided by police sections.

The particular FBI data has other issues, too: It disproportionately includes situations from heavily minority areas, offering a misleading picture of the regularity at which blacks are shot.

Our data source also keeps track of characteristics of both involved suspect and the officer within each shooting, local violent criminal offense rates, demographics of the city plus police department, and many other factors that will help determine what causes police shootings.

Here’ s what we found:

Black officials were at least as likely because their white peers to kill dark suspects.  

When a lot more police are present at the scene of the confrontation with a civilian, suspects encounter reduced odds of being killed. The difference is about a fourteen to 18 percent drop in the likelihood of being killed for each additional official. Officers feel more vulnerable if they happen to be alone at the scene, making them very likely to resort to deadly force. With the same token, suspects can be emboldened and resist arrest when less officers are present.

Police unionization includes a harmful effect. Inspite of the success of the unionized NYPD, with a good track record on shootings, the study finds that in general, law enforcement unionization has had the largest harmful impact, making suspects at least 65 % more likely to be killed. This could be because of the fact that unions shield their officials from scrutiny with rules that will delay prosecutors questioning officers. This might make officers more willing to take when their own safety feels whatsoever jeopardized.

Body cameras don’ big t make a difference. Many people assistance having officers wear body digital cameras. But we surveyed 900 law enforcement departments, 162 of which reported their particular officers used body cameras. All of us found that police did not alter their behavior when they started putting on the cameras.

It is a dangerous fiction that will prejudiced white officers are going away and disproportionately killing black males. But that doesn’ t imply that measures can’ t be taken to decrease police shootings. The most obvious step will be to increase the number of officers, in the expectations that more will be present on the scenes of these incidents.  

John Ur. Lott, Jr. is a columnist for  FoxNews. possuindo . He is a good economist and was formerly key economist at the United States Sentencing Percentage. Lott is also a leading expert upon guns and op-eds on that will issue are done in conjunction with all the Crime Avoidance Research Center . He is the writer of nine books including “More Guns, Less Crime. ” Their latest book is “The War on Weapons: Arming Yourself Against Gun Manage Lies (August one, 2016). Follow him on Twitter@johnrlottjr .