Norway’s Olympic team meant to order 1,500 eggs. Because of a translation error, they got 15,000

(CNN) Anybody know how to say “we ordered a lot of eggs” in Norwegian?

The cooks needed the eggs to give food to Norwegian athletes at the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

So the chefs place in an order for them with a nearby supermarket, using Google Translate. However they clearly made an error somewhere.

“When the truck showed up, they started to carry in the eggs. After a while, they [the chefs] thought it lasted so long, it never stopped, ” Halvor Lea, spokesman for the Norwegian Olympic Committee, told CNN.

So they asked the driver how many eggs were there. The driver replied 15, 000.
“They said themselves that it was a Google translate slip, ” Lea said. “I don’t know. ”
Fortunately for the chefs, the supermarket took back 13, 500 eggs.