Notice Anything Strange About The State Of The Union Tickets?

Whoever printed out the seat tickets for Jesse Trump ’ s very first State of the Union speech should be feeling very “ covfefe ”   at this time.

Trump is set to deliver the presentation Tuesday night, and it will likely be distinct from previous addresses ―   similar to the tickets.

It seems that some of the seat tickets misspell “ union” as “ uniom, ” based on numerous twitter posts from guests who have their seat tickets in hand.  

As you might anticipate, many of those people threw in snarky comments as a bonus.

Sure, the particular Trump White House has had the share of spelling and grammatical mistakes in the past, but this typo is actually the fault of the House sergeant at arms’ office ,   which is responsible for printing the seat tickets, according to Politico.

Laura Barró n-Ló pez, a reporter for the Wa Examiner,   said new seat tickets with the correct spelling of “ union” are being distributed.

In the meantime, individuals are enjoying the “ reuniom” although it lasts.

Oh, and save these original tickets. They might be collectors’ products.