Obama invokes Nazi Germany in warning about today’s politics

Washington (CNN) Previous President Barack Obama urged voters this week to stay engaged in democracy, caution that complacency was responsible for the particular rise of Nazi Germany.

“You have to often this garden of democracy, or else things can fall apart fairly quickly. Plus we’ve seen societies where that occurs, ” Obama said at the Financial Club of Chicago on Wednesday, based on video of the occasion.
“Now, presume there was a ballroom within Vienna in the late 1920s or even ’30s that looked and appeared as if it, filled with the music plus art and literature that was rising, would continue into perpetuity. And after that 60 million people died. A whole world was plunged into turmoil, ” Obama said. “So you have to pay attention — and election. ”

During the occasion, the former President mentioned similar styles of responding to a changing politics landscape, mentioning examples from Many history.
“FDR is one of my political characters. In my mind, the second greatest leader after Lincoln…. But he interned a bunch of loyal Japanese Americans throughout World War II. That was a threat to the institutions, ” he said. “There have been periods in our history exactly where censorship was considered OK. There were the McCarthy era. We had the President who had to resign just before impeachment because he was undermining principle of law. At every juncture, we have had to wrestle with big complications. ”

Obama also defended the necessity of the free press.
“During my presidency, the push often drove me nuts, inch he said. “There were moments where I thought reporters were ill-informed. There were times where they failed to actually get the story right. Yet what I understood was that principle from the free press was vital, which, as President, part of my work was to make sure that that was maintained. inch
Obama in the last year has occasionally voiced very finely veiled criticisms of the Trump administration’s policies, especially on climate change , even though it’s not clear from the video which he was directly addressing his heir.