OReilly Offers To Stand Next To Sarah Sanders To Handle Out Of Line Reporters

Former Sibel News host Expenses O’ Reilly reportedly offered to remain next to White House Press Admin Sarah Huckabee Sanders to take on curious reporters.

According to The Hollywood Reporter,   O’ Reilly made the provide to Sanders at a party this past weekend:    

“ I said, ‘ Microsoft. Sanders, with all due respect, should you ever need me to stand alongside you in those press briefings, I will volunteer to do that.   Plus, in the event that somebody gets out of line, I am going to tell them exactly what I think of their habits . ’ ”

When Sanders laughed,   O’ Reilly assured her that will President Jesse Trump   was “ just flamboyant enough”   in order to sign off on the plan.  

O’ Reilly also tweeted which the press was “ not dealing with her well but the folks know she’ s a patriot ” and that “ she has the hardest job in the country right now. ”  

O’ Reilly  left Fox News last year over revelations regarding legal settlements related to  lovemaking harassment allegations , including reviews that he paid  $ 32 million to stay some of those accusations . His “ offer”   to Sanders shortly had Twitter talking: