Orrin Hatch Thinks McCains Wish For A Funeral Without Trump Is Ridiculous

Sen. John McCain’ s (R-Ariz. ) reported request to have Donald Trump steer clear of his funeral is not really sitting well with fellow Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah).

“ I think it’ h ridiculous, ” the particular 83-year-old Hatch told Politico upon Monday. McCain reportedly wants Vice President Mike Pence to symbolize the White House instead.  

Hatch thinks Trump is getting a poor rap.

“ Well, he’ s i9000 the president of the United States and he’ s a very good man, ”   the senator said of Trump.  

He conceded that will it’ s McCain’ s contact. McCain, 81,   was diagnosed with mind cancer last Come july 1st.

“ I think John must have his own wishes fulfilled with regard to who seem to attends the funeral, ”   Hatch said, adding that he expectations McCain changes his mind.

Traditionally, it’ s considered a good honor to have the president attend your own funeral, but there’ s a brief history of bad blood between McCain and Trump.

In 2015, Trump dismissed McCain’ s time as being a prisoner of war in Vietnam by telling a debate audience, “ He’ s a battle hero because he was captured. I love people who weren’ t captured. ”

McCain said last Fall that will Trump has never apologized for the statement.

Over the weekend, Trump belittled the senator’ s vote against medical care reform   in a speech to the NRA.

McCain apparently results the wrath in his upcoming memoir,   The Stressed Wave: Good Times, Just Causes, Excellent Fights, and Other Appreciations , stating of Trump, “ the appearance associated with toughness or a reality show facsimile of toughness seems to matter a lot more [to the president] than any one of our values. ”