Pakistan bomb blast kills more than two dozen people

(CNN) A minimum of 26 people have died in a explosive device blast targeting police in Pakistan on Monday, officials told CNN.

A minimum of 54 others were injured, based on the Punjabi provincial government Twitter accounts. Nine police officers were among the lifeless.
The particular Pakistan Taliban, also called Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, claimed responsibility for the bombing, phoning it a suicide attack.

“No words can communicate the grief which grips the heart right now. Blast destroyed a lot of families, but terrorists can never ruin our resolve, ” Punjabi state chief minister Shehbaz Sharif messaged.

Because tensions run high, Sharif, the particular Punjabi province chief minister furthermore tweeted, “Our blood was spilt on the street but I swear to a Allah that the blood of our blameless martyrs will write end of such cowardly assassins! ”

The strike prompted strong disapproval from Nadia Rahman, with Amnesty International’s Pakistan campaign.
“This is a horrific strike that was targeted at ordinary people and has triggered an appalling loss of life, inch Rahman said.
“The authorities must instantly order an independent and effective analysis, ” Rahman added. “The sufferers of the bombing deserve justice. The particular perpetrators must be held accountable consistent with international human rights standards. inch