Plea to ban mountain hare culling in Scotland – BBC News

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Image caption The particular Scottish government said it was critical that hare numbers were controlled

A creature charity has called on the Scottish government to impose a ban upon mountain hare culling on complaint moors.

Landowners accomplish culls from August that they state are necessary to protect game, such as complaint, from disease.

Marketing campaign group OneKind said about forty percent of the hares killed were chance for sport while about 50 percent died as part of organised culls.

The Scottish government stated numbers needed to be controlled but it may not tolerate large-scale culls.

In its report, OneKind highlights 3 culls that took place on complaint moors, including two carried out a year ago on the Balmoral Estate in Regal Deeside.

Additionally they said that at least 25 Scottish sport estates were currently offering a chance to shoot mountain hares for sports activity.

An independent review taking a look at the sustainability of grouse moor management, including mountain hare culling, is being established.

The particular campaigners estimate that there are between 175, 000-500, 000 mountain hares within Scotland. They are classified as a concern species by the Scottish Wildlife Rely on, giving them an added importance for biodiversity.

OneKind director Harry Huyton said mountain hares had been an iconic species in Scotland and should be protected.

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Image caption Landowners carry out culls of mountain hare to protect game, such as grouse

He mentioned: “Our report shows that instead they may be persecuted in enormous numbers regarding entertainment.

“This eliminating is unregulated, and there are simply no guarantees that it is not further generating the decline of these species or even causing unacceptable suffering.

“Today, the day before the open period begins, OneKind is calling on the particular Scottish government to take urgent actions and introduce a moratorium upon large-scale hunts and culls prior to the season gets into full swing. inch

‘Specific circumstances’

Previously, groups such as the Cairngorm National Park Authority possess called for restraint over hare culling. However , landowners have consistently stated that culls are only implemented when hare numbers are high.

A Scottish government speaker said: “We have been very clear that individuals will not tolerate large-scale culls associated with mountain hares, but we identify that numbers need to be controlled in certain specific circumstances.

“Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham has already introduced the Scottish government is establishing an independently-led group to examine the particular sustainability of grouse moor administration, which includes mountain hare culling.

“We are also commissioning analysis into the costs and benefits of huge shooting estates to our biodiversity plus economy. ”