Pope criticizes ‘fake news’, calls it a ‘grave sin’

Pope Francis had a message this particular weekend for journalists spreading alleged “ fake news”: you’ lso are committing a “ very serious bad thing. ”

Speaking to the Catholic press on Saturday, the pope belittled journalists who sensationalize the news plus bring up old scandals in their confirming, calling their actions a “ grave sin that hurts the guts of the journalist and hurts other people. ”

The pope said he thinks that journalists perform a “ fundamental” mission and reminded them to supply correct, complete and precise details and to avoid one-sided reporting.

“There is definitely an urgent need for news communicated along with serenity, precision, and completeness, having a calm language, so as to favor the fruitful reflection; carefully weighted plus clear words, which reject the particular inflation of allusive, strident plus ambiguous speech. It is important that, systematically and with patience, criteria of common sense and information be offered so the public is able to understand and detect, and is not stunned and disoriented, ” Francis said.

Francis has been singing about pressing political issues previously including on immigration and the asylum crisis.

In a letter sent to the mind of state and government, the particular pope called on politicians to prevent inciting violence and racism simply by spreading the fear of immigrants,   The Slope   reported.

The pope’ t comments on the media come before his upcoming annual communications information which he is reportedly is going to devote to addressing “ fake information. ”

The Associated Press added to this report.