Pope Francis says helping the poor and migrants is as important as opposing abortion

Vatican City (CNN) Pope Francis rebukes narrow-minded Catholics and warns the world about the satan in a new document about contemporary holiness unveiled Monday by the Vatican.

In a pointed rebuke to Catholic anti-abortion activists who else focus on the issue to the exclusion of others, Francis says that assisting the poor plus immigrants is as essential as taking a stance against child killingilligal baby killing.

“Some Catholics consider it (the situation of migrants) a secondary issue compared to the ‘grave’ bioethical questions, ” he writes.

To do so, the particular Pope says, is like “a politician looking for votes. ”

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A Christian, Francis says, should “stand in the shoes and boots of those brothers and sisters of ours who also risk their lives to offer a upcoming to their children. ”
“Our defense of the blameless unborn, for example , needs to be clear, company and passionate, ” the Pope writes.
“Equally sacred, however , are the lives from the poor, those already born, the particular destitute, the abandoned and the underprivileged… ” he adds.

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Pope Francis has previously criticized those who this individual claimed are “obsessed” with the problems of abortion and homosexuality.
“It’s not necessary to speak about these issues all the time, ” he stated in a 2013 interview.

Rigid Catholics

Francis furthermore takes issue with conservatives who have criticized him for trying to open up Catholic teaching.
Weekend was the second anniversary of the distribution of Francis’ previous apostolic exhortation, Amoris Laetitia , which occasioned an outcry among some conservatives for Francis’ position on allowing communion regarding divorced and remarried Catholics.
On Saturday, a team of those conservative Catholics — directed by Cardinal Raymond Burke, among Francis’ principal critics — kept a conference in Rome talking about the limits of papal power, heresy and doctrine.

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While the Pope has never directly tackled the concerns of his experts, he has frequently condemned their “rigidity. ”
Within the new document, Francis once again phone calls out his critics’ “obsession with all the law… and a punctilious concern for that Church’s liturgy, doctrine and respect, ” claiming that they are closed away from to the Holy Spirit.
“Not infrequently, contrary to the particular prompting of the Spirit, the life from the Church can become a museum item or the possession of a select couple of. This can occur when some categories of Christians give excessive importance in order to certain rules, customs or methods for acting, ” the Pope produces.

‘The devil exists’

Just last week, Francis produced waves in an interview with Italian language journalist and founder of the left-wing daily La Repubblica, Eugenio Scalfari, in which he allegedly claimed that will hell did not exist.
The Vatican released a vague denial, leaving a few to question the true position from the Pope.

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While Francis does not tackle the question of hell in his brand new document, he makes clear which he believes the devil exists and it is at work in our world.
“We should not think of the particular devil as a myth, ” Francis writes, claiming that the devil is definitely “a personal being who assails us. ”
Using battle imagery, Francis produces of the importance of discerning the work from the devil in our lives: in listlessness, self-centeredness and a “rigid resistance to alter. ”

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The Pope phone calls upon Christians to engage in “spiritual combat” through prayer and caution against the work of the devil with a daily examination of conscience.
“We are not dealing merely using a battle against the world and a life mentality that would deceive us plus leave us dull and mediocre, with a lack of enthusiasm and joy, ” the particular Pope writes. “It is also a continuing struggle against the devil, the knight in shining armor of evil. ”
“Jesus himself celebrates our own victories, ” Francis says.

The new orleans saints next door

Francis says that everybody is called to be a saint in “small everyday things. ”
“Holiness is not about swooning in mystic rapture, ” this individual writes. It is found in daily life, the particular Pope says, in the patience associated with parents, the sick, and the aged.
“Very frequently it is a holiness found in our next-door neighbors, those who, living in our middle, reflect God’s presence. We might contact them, ‘the middle class associated with holiness, ‘” he writes.

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Francis recommends following Jesus’ Beatitudes, avoiding gossip, having a spontaneity, reaching out to our neighbors and shunning consumerism and too much technology.
“When we permit ourselves to be caught up in shallow information, instant communication and virtuelle wirklichkeit, we can waste precious time and become unsociable to the suffering flesh of our siblings, ” the Pope writes.