President Trump accuses Democrats of protecting MS-13 gang members: ‘They want them to be left alone’

President Trump upon Saturday doubled down on his hard rhetoric on MS-13 gang users, while accusing Democrats of “ protecting” members of the violent bunch as they “ push for open up borders. ”

Trump made their remarks in his weekly address so that as House lawmakers are negotiating laws that would limit some forms of immigration, fund border security and might also grant protected status for some illegal immigrants brought to the country since children.

But while Trump continues to be calling for Democrats to come towards the negotiating table, he has kept upward his fiery rhetoric on MS-13 — the gang started simply by Central American immigrants in the eighties and known for its particularly challenging crimes and motto: “ Destroy, rape, control. ”

Trump triggered controversy among some Democrats within May  when he described MS-13 gang members as “ pets. ” Trump was scolded simply by top Democrats for his declaration.


“ Whenever all of our great-great-grandparents came to America they will weren’ t ‘animals, ‘ that people aren’ t either, ” Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N. Y., said, while Pelosi, D-Calif., said that “ we are all God’ s children. ”

Since that will controversy erupted, Trump has frequently used the term proudly.

“ MS-13 gang members are really, and you’ ve heard me personally say it, animals. ” this individual said on Saturday. “ Yet Nancy Pelosi and Washington Democrats continue to protect them and to press for open borders. ”

“ They want them taken care of. They want these to be left alone, ” he or she said.  

He said that Democrats have blocked legislation that would deport gang members and are in favor of haven cities that limit local police force cooperation with federal immigration professionals.

“ Democrats in Congress possess opposed every measure that would close up these immigration loopholes and provide this slaughter to an end, ” he said.

Trump’ s comments come as the administration has taken a far more aggressive approach in the face of criticism how the Department of Justice’ s “ zero tolerance” policy of arresting every illegal border crosser offers led to the separation of family members at the border.

Trump has searched for to blame Democrats for the controversy, stating in a tweet Saturday that Democrats should work with Republicans to fix “ their forced family breakup” in the border.

A draft of a Conservative bill in the House presented to congress on Thursday proposes a solution towards the situation by allowing children to become kept in detention with their moms and dads — overturning the 1997 Flores agreement that prevents illegal migrant children from being held within custody for long periods.

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