Republican Mayor Who Taunted David Hogg To Now Face A Recall Vote

A Republican mayor in Maine will face a recall election after he tweeted a article mocking a teenage survivor from the Feb. fourteen school shooting in Parkland, California.

Last month, Nick Isgro, mayor of Waterville, Maine, messaged an article about Fox News co-president Jack Abernethy standing by host Laura Ingraham right after she made fun of Parkland student David Hogg for receiving several college being rejected letters.

Isgro shared the article with all the comment “ Eat it, Hogg, ” in the since-deleted tweet.

Upon Friday, the Waterville city clerk’ s office confirmed to HuffPost that the petition to remove Isgro from workplace had received enough signatures in order to force a recall vote. An overall total of 887 valid signatures ― 30 more than needed ― had been gathered, said Sarah Cross, the particular city’ s deputy clerk.

The town Council now has to call a unique election for the recall vote, which usually it will discuss during a May almost eight budget workshop, Cross said. The particular vote will likely take place during the city’ s June 12 elections.

Previous Waterville Mayor Karen Heck, the Democrat who previously endorsed Isgro, along with residents Hilary Koch plus Jim Chiddix, spearheaded the remember effort.

The petition’ s makers said the effort  “ offers revealed how many Waterville citizens are worried that Mayor Isgro is no longer in a position to fulfill the duty of acting being a good ambassador for Waterville, ” in a  statement to the Morning Sentinel on Thursday.

“ They have failed to show leadership, accept obligation for his actions, and has led to the divisiveness in our community, ” the statement said.

Isgro the recall effort “ a atrocious and dishonest campaign” in a  statement submitted Thursday evening on Facebook , saying “ a dark impair of deceit will descend upon Waterville” in the coming weeks.

“ It appears that outside special interest organizations spending thousands of dollars— while colluding with well-connected political elites as well as the local press— allegedly turned in sufficient signatures to have a vote to repeal our accomplishments and repeal nearby control of Our City, ” Isgro wrote.

Since the Feb. 14 Parkland shooting, Hogg and other survivors came forward as fierce advocates for safe weapon legislation . This activism made the students frequent targets pertaining to conservatives more than twice their age.

Leslie Gibson, another Republican politician through Maine, in March referred to Parkland student and activist Emma Gonzá lez a “ skinhead lesbian porn. ”   Gibson was operating uncontested as a GOP candidate for the state House seat but  dropped out   following the disparaging comments.