Rosie O’Donnell tells Paul Ryan he’s going ‘straight to hell’

Rosie O’ Donnell a new not-so-warm Christmas wish for House Loudspeaker Paul Ryan: go to hell.

The brutal opponent of  President Trump and the newly-passed GOP tax plan   lashed out at Ryan on Tweets.

“ paul ryan – don’ big t talk about Jesus after what oughout just did to our nation – u will go straight to hell, ”   O’ Donnell wrote Monday.

“ Oughout screwed up fake altar child, ” O’ Donnell added.

She completed her holiday attack with the hashtag: “ #JUDASmuch” in a reference to the particular disciple who betrayed Jesus.

The celebrity, who has famously tussled with Trump, last week offered to pay two senators $2 million each to election against the tax bill. Her bribe in order to Sens. Jeff Flake and Leslie Collins didn’ t work with no GOP senator voted against Trump’ s signature legislative achievement.

What appeared to set O’ Donnell off was obviously a Christmas video message that Thomas posted Saturday honoring the birthday of Jesus.

A rep for Ryan replied only by saying: “ We all wish everyone a Merry Xmas! ”

It’ s the latest Twitter battle for the ex-View host.

Conservative commentator Bill Shapiro reported an obscene twitter update O’ Donnell posted about your pet last week that said “ Suck our d___ Ben, ” according to Sibel News.

The two were sparring over the GOP tax plan.

Shapiro reported the “ harassment” to Twitter to see when the social media giant would take action towards a liberal. Twitter initially dropped to delete the tweet,   but then turned course.