Salad Cream ‘to be renamed Sandwich Cream’

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Salad Lotion, one of the UK’s most traditional condiments may be renamed Sandwich Cream, it is often reported.

Its producer, Heinz, says that only 14% of those who buy the sauce utilize it on salads, with many more selecting to use it in sandwiches.

A spokesman for Heinz told trade magazine the Grocer that the name no longer “fairly symbolizes the product’s ingredients or utilization occasions. ”

It might be the first name change for the item since its launch in 1914.

Fans of the conventional name went on social media to express their particular anger.

According to the Grocer (£ ) , Heinz is considering implementing the name Sandwich Cream to better reveal how the country uses the condiment and to appeal to “younger shoppers”.

The condiment grew to become a national favourite during the 1940s, Heinz says, when ketchup has been unavailable and salad cream has been used to add flavour to dull war-time rations.

UNITED KINGDOM sales of the brand dipped five. 4% to £ 28. 8m in 2017. But there was outcry in the 1990s when leaked files revealed that Heinz was taking into consideration discontinuing production of the “zingy” spices, generating so much publicity that Heinz re-launched Salad Cream with a £ 10m advertising campaign.

In 2015, Heinz merged with the US food large Kraft.

Fran Hughes, UK sauces brand construct lead at Kraft Heinz, additional: “As a market leading business, Kraft Heinz continues to audit its profile in order to meet the needs of consumers.

“There are consumers at this point who haven’t grown up with the brand name in the household and just don’t know in regards to the iconic zingy flavour or things to eat it with. ”

There is now a consultation below way on the new name plus an official announcement is expected within September.

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