San Diego votes to join Trump administration’s lawsuit against California’s sanctuary city law

Hillcrest County voted Tuesday to become the most recent in a string of local government authorities throughout California backing the Trump administration lawsuit against the state more than its sanctuary city laws.

Right after hearing from residents, the all-Republican San Diego County Board of Administrators voted 3-1 to support a lawsuit with the federal government over laws it states limits police cooperation with federal government immigration agents. One member has been absent during Tuesday’ s election.

Because the second largest county in Ca, San Diego —   a region associated with 3 million residents that edges Mexico —   is the biggest county to back the suit.    

Supervisor Greg Cox, whom cast the only dissenting vote, mentioned in a statement afterward that “ the board’ s vote is really a largely symbolic move that will generate fear and divisiveness in our area, waste taxpayer funds and create doubt of law enforcement and local government inside many communities. ”

The vote followed an identical one Monday when the city of Mis Alamitos voted 4-1 to accept an ordinance seeking to exempt the town from the so-called sanctuary law to the grounds that it was unconstitutional.


A chain of local governments throughout the condition of California has backed the particular Trump administration’ s decision in order to sue last month, arguing the fact that federal government, not the state, has specialist over immigration policy.

San Diego now ties Orange County, the state’ t third-most-populous county, in rejecting a situation law that shields criminal unlawful immigrants from deportation.

The San Diego election brings to 10 the number of governmental organizations that voted against the state regulation that declared California, and by law —   all law enforcement within it —   would not communicate with government agents when it came to all but one of the most violent or repeat, convicted lawbreaker illegal immigrants.

California Gov. Jerry Dark brown said Tuesday that Washington’ s i9000 tough stance against immigrants in the united states illegally is “ just a good inflammatory football that very low-life politicians like to exploit. ”

If Leader Donald Trump “ wants to circular them up like some totalitarian government and ship them away, say that, ” Brown said. “ But he doesn’ t declare because the American people would repudiate him and his party. ”

The particular Associated Press contributed to this document.