Sarah Huckabee Sanders reads ‘Pickle’ letter at White House briefing

A 9-year-old boy nicknamed Pickle wants to be friends along with President Donald Trump.

That was the particular takeaway from a letter that White-colored House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders read at the start of the Whitened House press briefing on Wed afternoon.

Sanders read the letter in an effort to act as a reminder of the forgotten guys, women and children that were here in order to serve and that the president is certainly fighting for,   The Washington Times   reported.

My name is Dylan but many people calls me Pickle, Dylan had written in a letter to Trump which was dated June 1, 2017.

The young man went on to ask the chief executive a series of questions ranging from the size of the particular White House to how much money Trump has.

“You seem nice, ” “Pickle” wrote, asking “can we end up being friends? ”

“My pitcher is in right here, the boy added, so if you discover me you can say hi.  

Dylan, thanks for writing to the president, Sanders said after reading the handwritten letter. And if youre ever within Washington, D. C., I hope youll stop by and let us show you throughout the White House.