Satire Is Dead: Archie Bunker Predicted Trump’s Gun Plan Back In 1972

Archie Bunker was the walking caricature of the bigot, a parody created for the 1970s sitcom.   Yet the program by President Donald Trump as well as the NRA to arm teachers   has come straight from “ All within the Family. ”

In a 1972 event,   the iconic TV personality ― played by Carroll O’ Connor  ―   tackled the void of gun control. At the time,   Bunker was responding to hijackings rather than bulk shootings, but his solution had been eerily similar to Trump’ s intend to put guns in schools.  

“ Arm all your passengers, ”   Bunker said.  

Bunker said a theoretical gunman might no longer have “ superiorority” plus “ ain’ t gonna challenge to pull out no rod” consequently.  

He continued:  

“ And then your air carriers, then they wouldn’ t have to research the passengers on the ground no more, these people just pass out the pistols at the start of the trip, and they pick ’ em up again at the end. Situation closed. ”

Norman Lear, one of the producers associated with “ All In The Family, ” noted in 2012 that this clip had been frighteningly similar to the NRA’ s arrange for putting more guns in educational institutions after the Sandy Hook mass capturing.  

The only thing that stops a bad guy using a gun   is a good man with a gun, ”   NRA executive Wayne LaPierre said during the time.  

And now Trump wants to supply 20 percent of teaching staff with schools following the mass shooting with Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School within Parkland, Florida, where 17 individuals were killed on Feb. 14. This individual even suggested offering bonuses just for teachers who agreed to bring weapons into the classroom.

Alas, when this particular “ All in the Family” cut first went viral, Lear mentioned that Bunker’ s similar “ plan”   was used for laughters on his show.  

“ May we possibly have any other a reaction to Wayne LaPierre’ s similarly insane idea to provide armed guards for each school but to laugh? ” Lear wrote. “ Or weep. I find myself doing a large amount of both lately. ”