School’s Survivors Cry As Florida House Rejects Talks On Assault Weapon Ban

Survivors of last week’ h school shooting in Florida had been brought to tears as state congress declined to debate a gun control calculate in Tallahassee upon Tuesday.  

Students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School watched from your gallery as state House associates voted down a motion in order to debate an existing bill that would prohibit assault weapons and large-capacity ammo magazines.  

HB 219 , a bill submitted in October, would ban any  “ selective-fire firearm capable of completely automatic, semiautomatic or burst fireplace, ” including the AR-15 rifle, the kind used in Parkland, Florida, on Wed.  

Rep. Kionne McGhee (D-Miami) pushed to bring HB 219 from committee and to the floor.

“ We ask that we keep this bill within the conversation about the solution to combat bulk shootings alive, ” McGhee stated, based on the Tampa Bay Times . “ While this is an extraordinary procedural shift, the shooting at Parkland needs extraordinary action. ”

McGhee’ h proposal was rejected in a 36-71 procedural vote, the Times reported.   A Florida Senate committee, nevertheless , endorsed a proposal on Wednesday to put law enforcement officers in every college in the state.

Students took busses to the state capital on Monday   and Tuesday to drive state lawmakers into action to assist prevent mass shootings. Sheryl Acquarola, a 16-year-old junior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas, was shown get over with emotion in an Associated Push photo as the House vote unsuccessful.

More teenagers have become  leading voices in weapon control advocacy within the aftermath of the tragic school capturing that killed 17 people a week ago. Students have organized protests across the nation to push politicians to pass tighter gun control measures, including the prohibit on AR-15 assault rifles, that have been used in a number of mass shootings.  

Emma Gonzalez, a senior on Stoneman Douglas, made an impassioned speech for stricter gun manage on Saturday, shaming politicians which accept money from the National Gun Association.  

“ Politicians who sit in their gilded House and Senate seats financed by the NRA telling us absolutely nothing could have been done to prevent this: All of us call BS! ” Gonzalez stated.  

Gonzalez and her classmates program to  march within Washington, D. C ., upon March 24 to demand motion in the “ March for Our Lives . ” Sister marches are expected to happen in cities across the country, and celebs including  George Clooney plus Oprah Winfrey   have portrayed their support for the march.