Scott Baio Facing New Allegations From Another ‘Charles In Charge’ Costar

A second cast member of the eighties sitcom “ Charles in Charge” has accused actor Scott Baio of abusive behavior.

I received normal verbal attacks , mental misuse and I also suffered a bodily assault at the hands of Scott Baio, ” actor Alexander Polinsky, who performed Adam Powell on the sitcom,   said in a statement to “ The Talk. ”    

Polinsky also said he observed Baio “ acting inappropriately” towards Nicole Eggert , who has accused the professional of physically abusing her when she was obviously a minor .  

Baio refused Eggert’ s allegations, described the particular set as a “ picnic ” plus said he was never solely with her at work.  

Nevertheless , in his statement, Polinsky said:  

“ Focusing on the set of ‘ Charles within Charge’ from age 11 in order to 15 was no picnic. It had been a toxic environment. I observed Scott Baio acting inappropriately in the direction of Nicole Eggert during my first season of working on the show. I actually walked in on them together at the rear of the set. Nicole was upon Scott’ s lap and he failed to appreciate my intrusion. He screamed at me and called myself various homophobic slurs. ”

Baio, who accepted to having sex with Eggert when the girl was past the age of 18 ,   has not yet responded to the brand new allegations.  

Eggert said upon “ The Talk” that Polinsky joined her when she filed a law enforcement report against Baio on Tuesday and filed a written report of his own.   She declared that she would have been 14 during Polinsky’ s first year on the show whenever he walked in on her along with Baio.  

Eggert also stated 10 witnesses have made statements within support.    

I want him in order to admit it , ” the girl said. “ The sooner you arrive clean, the sooner it goes away and you will move on with your life. ”