‘Seinfeld’ star finds his very own mannequin

Elaine Benes isnt the only person with a mannequin twin.

Seinfeld star  Jason Alexander , who played George Costanza on the hit series, found their plastic doppelgä nger on Thursday night and shared the image on Tweets.

Do not know who made these mannequins. But if anyone puts glasses at the one 2nd from the left, you will have a lawsuit, Alexander joked.

Alexander appeared to be referencing the sitcoms Season 5 story when Elaine, played by  Julia Louis-Dreyfus , discovers that she had an inanimate lookalike. After she and George go to check out the mannequin, they find out uncanny similarities are not a chance. It turns out the mannequin creator a new crush on Elaine.

Fortunately for Alexander, a Twitter user  found his mannequin the girlfriend .

This article originally made an appearance in Page Six .